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Day 25 - Wall done and electric all set up

Weather was brutal today. So humid. Show must go on. Had to put the wall thing to rest today. Took longer than anticipated overall. 

Time to close this up. 
Side without the AC was easier to light switch or outlet either. In the end it turned out pretty good. 
This is the final product.  I was going to start work on the kitchen after this but, opted to do the electric since having the door cracked to get power into the gypsy wagon is getting old and it was so dark today as well that I really need to get to a point where I have some interior lighting.  Power comes in via a sealed plug under one of the outcroppings.  On the inside it goes into the panel. ...which will be residing under the bed. You can see where the power enters between he yellow and black screwdriver and the box. The battery I'll be using arrived in the mail today, so I still need to add that.  Success! It all works. That's the kitchen outlet you see here and the AC one. It's really the only AC lines in the…

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