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Pictures of the finished product! Taking orders for custom builds!

It's been so much fun touring this latest tiny around various tiny house events over the last few weeks! The positive feedback has been amazing. It's truly a wonderful urban escape pod that would be just as happy in someone's back yard as a guest space, home office, hobby nook, meditation space, etc. What you see below is simply my take on what it can look like and what's possible in 40 square feet*. 

Let me help you realize your own ambitions. I'm taking orders for shells so that you can complete the build out yourself. These shells are being offered at the introductory price of $5900. Custom requests and add ons are also available. Please contact:

Here are some pictures. Since they are worth 1,000 words each, I'll shut up now. Reach out if you are interested in purchasing one. Accepting orders for what remains of 2017.

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